Thursday, August 6, 2015

Plein Air painting: a joyful way to celebrate nature

"Plein Air" is French, meaning outside. Painting outdoors in the fresh air is something that I tried for the first time this summer. A friend invited me out, last month, to give it a try. As a result, I bought my own supplies and hit the trail at the Kentucky Bernheim Forest
Preserve, shifting into high gear. Outdoor painting was exactly the boost I needed to get out of the studio, out of a creative rut, and out of my house. 

The colors and lighting outside are bright. I used a lot of green colors, but I decided to spruce up the scene with more vivid colors making the flowers stand out. The thing I noticed is, that being a beginner, I would like to practice using more of a combination of vertical and horizontal elements in my paintings. I can paint different sections, not just right to left in lines of what I see.

Plein Air requires a mobile set up. I had to be sure to have paints, brushes, a tripod and an easel on hand that were easy to carry. Plus a water spray bottle to keep the acrylic paints wet, Both times, it was very very hot out, and I'm glad I brought drinks. And a sun visor.

It was remarkable to do a complete painting in one sitting over a couple of hours. And, the  term "sitting" is relative. The first time, out at Louisville's, The Woodlands, I brought a fold-up chair. The next time, I stood and fended off many small hovering little bees. Next time, I'll bring bug spray.

See you outside - 
The long and winding road, with some beautiful landscaping at Bernheim Forest.
Painting outdoors at The Woodlands near a pond. No bugs that day.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Colorful Outdoor Art UV Protected - " Flowertime"


You may have done your summer plantings already, like I have. Here in Louisville, we've had a lot of rain, so my flowers have had to rally to produce some buds. The day lily plants and echinacea that come up every year are looking great. Bumble bees like them, too.

Lately, I have brought my palette out onto the screened-in porch to paint some outdoor art canvas pieces. The birds chirping and wind whistling through the trees -- being in the outdoors -- yet protected from the elements is the right atmosphere to create outdoor art.

My outdoor art is designed to be hung on a deck, brick wall or siding or anywhere you like. I hang mine on a fence. It is protected with a special artist quality sealant which holds up under rain and humidity.

Here is this year's quality pieces, each handmade and available for order. Or, if you have an idea, send me a note, and we can collaborate.